About Our Business

Charles Kidwell the owner of CK Landscaping has 13 years of commercial
experience prior to undertaking his dream of owning his own company.  
Through his prior experience he has gained a vast array of knowledge
concerning plant material, common problems and the green industry as a

CK Landscaping was created on a few simple principles and ideas.
1. An outstanding work environment.  
2. A commitment to not only quality but work done appropriately.
3. Attentiveness to our customers and quality control.  

At CK Landscaping Inc. we look for employees who possess common sense,
who show pride in their work and an eagerness to learn.  We take pride in
training all of our employees to the highest standards.  Our goal is for the
employee on the edger to be able to run the crew just as well as the foreman
or even the owner.  With this education comes above average pay, no winter
lay-offs, paid holidays, and no need to overcompensate for underpaid
undereducated co-workers.

For example, we train our employees to know the differences between
summer/fall flowering shrubs (i.e., hibiscus/oleander) and winter/spring
flowering shrubs (i.e., camellia/azalea) and differences in their care.  

At CK Landscaping, we understand that poor customer service can make
anyone including our clients unhappy.  Even if the property looks great, poor
customer service can lose a contract.  Open and recurrent communication is
the cornerstone of good customer service and quality control.  This is why we
use sign-in and sign-out maintenance log books every visit.  This gives us at
least two times per visit to facilitate conversation between our crew leader and
your staff.  It also gives us the opportunity to put reminders for the following
service day.  We also encourage a walk-through with the property manager to
ensure all your needs are met.  

As the owner of CK Landscaping, I make it a point to return all calls and
perform all requests in a prompt and courteous manner.  We do not cut
corners for bigger profits.  We make our profits through retention and
expansion.  We are positive we can not only meet your needs, but we can
exceed them. Word of mouth is our main source of marketing.  As previously
discussed, the extent of our training gives us an edge compared to other
companies in our industry.  We approach each property through an educated
perspective which gives you quality work done appropriately.  It is your choice,
but it is our responsibility.

Charles “Chuck” Kidwell
President/Director CK Landscaping, Inc.
What you need to know about
CK Landscaping